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Kaptin Gulgrod
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Kaptin on Deck!

Lissen up, runts! Kaptin Gulgrod 'ere, at yor service... fer da right amount of teef and loot, dat is...

Been cracking on at 40k and warhammer for long enough that you'd think I'd have more painted by now...
My Orks are first and foremost, although I have a contingent of panzee,
some chaos-beakie corsairs, and a small kindred of Kroot mercenaries. I have also recently started dabbling in the dark arts of necromancy, in another effort to enjoy warhammer fantasy...

So, yeah. Hopefully I can add a bit more of an ork flavour to the forums. I'm not the best player/painter/modeller out there, but i do what I can.

Look out! Theres a WAAAAAAAAAGGH! coming...
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