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Oh damn he's gone.

Errm, shall I serve then?

Right; this can either be counted as my lead, or, should a Steward's Inquiry rule that Wizzwang was out of bounds, this is still a perfectly legal move from Hyde Park Corner... bearing in mind that we're now either using the 1924 (abridged) rules and the 1962 Compendium, in which case, Squeek is I think still spooned, Svartmetal is attacking strongly while he's playing North, and Wizzwang is currently outbidding everyone; or, all bets are off, and we've started again with either the 1981 Metropolitan or Crossthorne's 4th Edition, intermitently on the 2007 map; in which case we may have to say reverse luffing is allowed on the Docklands Light Railway.


Right; after Hyde Park Corner, or as a new serve, I'll play Lancaster Gate.

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