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Though it's only a technicality, we wouldn't have known if he hadn't been typing it.

On the other hand, there is a precedent; during the war, when many things were rationed (but not typewriter ribbons) there were frequent (secret) paper-based games in the Ministry of War. Trelton's Dilemma (1943, published 1993 after the Government invoked the 50-year Rule) deals with it, when Trelton mis-spelled the destination as "Mannigton Crussint" (he was dictating at the time).

But whether something done in 1943, so before the 1962 Compendium, but not published until after 1962, is actually covered by Hodgekiss's Maxim, which has come into play after the 4th-turn axial shift, even with Wizzwang's jiggery-pokerey with Piccadilly Circus... is anyone's guess.

Not that it matters, because after quickly looking at the entire thread, I think we all have to agree that Wizzwang won that one anyway, beating off a strong showing from Svartmetal.

Maybe we should invoke the 50-year Rule, and just carry on as if nothing happened until 2059 (and I don't mean one minute to nine!)?

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