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Hold the line, whatever the cost!

Hello lads and ladies,

my name is Marcel and i´m from the beautiful city of Hamburg in Germany.
I just had the funny intention to register with this forum and first thing it told me was to introduce myself to all the other guys around here, and i thought this is a god idea.
I´m playing WH40k for about 15 years now and it was the Imperial Guard which sucked my into this wonderful universe of bloodshed and mayhem.
I still stick to my old Guard buddies and play alot of games with them, through good and bad times they have always proven their worth in the heat of the battle, so i reinforced them again and again.
I own a decent Force of around 600 Guardsmen and roundabout 20 Tanks of various designs. In addition to this, as you all now, i couldn´t resist to try some other armies and started several Space Marine Armies which also have grown to an appropriate size. 3 complete Companies of different Chapters, with my favourite Blood Swords (Blood Angel successor chapter) gaining the most of my attention. The prove my faith in the emperor and to check my own forces for witches and heretics i also own a medium-sized SOB army lead by an extraordinary "understanding" inquisitor.
So if youre around my place somewhere and have your army/armies with you, just give me a pm and maybe we can have some fun at our LGS here in Hamburg or at a friends place, its up to you.

If you´ve got any questions, dont be shy, i will answer each and anyone of you.

Best regards, Marcel
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