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Lets see if any of these ideas might work for senarios.

1. Pirate raid- The orks low on supplies are ttacking the space marine supply depot or transport vehicle the SM's have to protect it.

2. Kidnap- The orks want a hostage to hold for randsom. The orks must capture and beat the sm captain in CC and get him back to their side of the board. If the captain is shot and killed the orks lose since he is suppose to be taken alive.

3. Value the ancients- A dreadnought has been damaged and needs to be recovered since this valuable piece can not be lost to the orks to loot. A Sm recovery team has been sent to secure and protect the dreadnought from the incoming orks. The dread has to roll to see how far it can walk each turn.

We'z da best- The deathskullz warboss has spotted the ultra's strutting around in their blue power armor and everyone knows only best wear blue. THe warboss and his boyz are going to show the ultra's who the best warriors are that wear blue.

That's all I got for now but I'll think of some more. Maybe I'll even get around to messing with box of black stuff since it is just sitting there largely untouched.

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