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Originally Posted by the cabbage View Post
... going back in history to when the population was only 10% of the current (not sure exactly when but more recent that you think) the species still managed to get into a few right old tear ups.
Archaeologists keep upping the population estimates of ancient civilisations. Every few years they make the figures bigger. Not certain what the current figures are for world population, but in the field of British demography, the estimates for the Roman period have more then trebled over the last 50 years or so. So it's quite probable that the population graphs that show an explosion over the last 3-400 years are actually way wrong, and the populations of the Mesolithic (around 7,000BC) and before are higher than you think.

Not that I agree with Lawrence that we need to kill 90% of the population for communism to work. I think that's madness. The whole point of communism, as I see it, is that we don't have to kill anybody (unlike capitalism, of course).

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