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Originally Posted by Catpain Rich View Post
... "Give me a child for the first 5 years of his life and I shall make him mine forever," said Lenin ...
Actually I think you'll find it was Josef Goebbels.

And he was quoting Ignatius Loyala I believe.

Both of these are about as far from Lenin as you can get. Honestly, if I'd said "ein Reich, ein Volk, ein Fuhrer", as Jesus said, many Christians would be up in arms (maybe a few wouldn't). But it kind of demonstrates the next point...

Originally Posted by Catpain Rich View Post
...and it just might make any of these systems work. It's certainly allowed us to accept capitalism.
Absolutely. Part of the way it's done it is by confusing communism with its opposite - in other woords, deliberately lying about what communism is. Both the so-called democracies and the so-called workers' states (and so-called peoples' republics and all the rest) colluded in the lie that Stalinism = Communism. And that is repeated ad nauseum.

And then there are people who just say outrageous and untrue things, like Lenin lied about his Marxism, and Marx didn't believe it anyway - either they believe some bullshit someone's told them without ever checking it out themselves, or they've really misunderstood something, or they're just making shit up; or, and I'll happily say that it might have been an error, that Lenin was a Jesuit; but again, it demonstrates the point that the ideologies we are brought up with - in our case, a rabidly anti-communist one - have a profound impact on our thinking... and in that much at least, Ignatius Loyala and Josef Goebbels had a point.

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