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Originally Posted by Red Orc View Post
Now you may consider that it would never be enough; we can never make the world a comfortable enough place that people will respond be reducing their greed and competitiveness to a level where we can all get along. But even if you do believe this, I'd still argue that it's better to try to be better people, to be more considerate of our fellow human beings, to replace greed with solidarity, violence with dialogue, suspicion with trust.
I completely agree with this point. The problem, however, is how to have a system in which this could work - rather than a "survival of the fittest" scenario that promotes competition and not getting along. I don't think that true democracy could work simply because it would be tedious to vote for most things and voters and votes can be manipulated by other people. At the moment I cannot think of a system that would work on a large scale (no not communism and definitely not anarchism).

People do change with their environment - do you talk the same way to your parents and teachers as you do to your friends? of course you don't. More convincing evidence is the number of troops coming back from vietnam who were doing heroin but stopped when they came home (pretty sure this is true but I could be wrong). However, an easier way to get people to get along would be to brainwash them - sad as it would be - especially if you got to them early enough. "Give me a child for the first 5 years of his life and I shall make him mine forever," said Lenin and it just might make any of these systems work. It's certainly allowed us to accept capitalism.

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