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Originally Posted by lawrence96 View Post
I think were going round in spheres here (like circles only worse), so heres how i see it:

True communism could work, if the human population was lowered (either through war/famine/diesease ect.) to lower then 10% of the current number. At this level there becomes a real need for humanity to work together in order to survive. Because there will be less people there will be less "repeating" of jobs everyone will have their job and reap the same benefit.
And as I see it, thats not the case.

Even if we regressed as a species my contention is that due to our very nature and individuality some of us will naturally rise to poisitions of leadership. This could happen by calculation, by accident, by virtue of punching power or any number of reasons.

The idea that we would all suddenly become nice equal people is IMO ludicrous.

Human beings are nice, nasty, violent, pacifist, intelligent, stupid, strong willed, weak willed, fat, thin, considerate, selfish, boring, interesting, blind, sighted, healthy, sickly, arrogant, humble, loud, quiet, lazy, industrious ..............................................

Even in the natural kingdom there are very few, if any, examples of truly equal societies, maybe sardines? And certainly none that I can think of from species with more developed brains.
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