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ok i need paintbrushes now ....like 5 (GW way too pricey and im poor)

chaos black undercoat
liche purple 1st coat
then some black ink in corners in shoulderpads and bumcrack etc
then i was thinking just a slightly lighter highlight (as a drybrush)
then a warlock purple or tenticle pink light drybrush
then the trim with boltgun metal then the very fine edges with chainmail

its all good IN THEORY then when you actually buy all the paints and complete one ....-.-" you kinda wish u hadn't so im gonna do a few trials ...

since the army is purple i was thinking of doing my upcoming assualt terminators as a bleached bone colour kinda like deathwing...really suits the purple and makes them stand out as real elites...

lemme know what u think
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