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k thanks, im not done painting and adding to the building yet so i havnt stuk it on.
and ive still got to do maybe two diff drybrush colours and an ink wash... i'll definatly put the generater in and a few more planks
the wood was a snapped up wooden ruler that i crushed a bit with some pliers, and one or two bits of balsa
idk if u noticed but theres a hole in the 2nd story, a gotta put in a rope ladder to the first floor...

finished painting outside and started on generater
drilled and cut a few holes and gonna patch em up with bits of metal and wood
anyone got suggestions on, well er... how to make the building less shiny?

dam it building was outside drying and lawnmower guy hit it with whipper snipper (hopefully not on purpose)
thers a bit of a rip on the side of it... gonna take while to fix
im thinking maybe using metal instead of wood cause im a little low on balsa, and to give the 40k look seeing as orks dont really use that much wood

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