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Default Guide to posting in Tactics Threads

I'll try to keep this brief because I think most people get it anyway.

Firstly, some rules you should be aware of.

These are the forum's rules. Obey!

In particular, watch out for copywrite issues. It's sometimes frustrating to not be able to talk about stats, points costs and stuff when discussing tactics, but those are the rules.

Also, make sure you are posting in the right place. We get quite a lot of rules questions in here, posted by people who have scrolled past the rules forum to get here. I doubt these guys will read this post anyway so... whatever. If you are asking if you are allowed to do something, that's a rules question and belongs in the rules forum. Asking if you should do something or if it sucks, is tactics.

The division between tactics posts and tacticas is a bit blurred. However, you should not start threads in the tactica forum with questions; rather they should be when you have something to say. It's possible for a tactica to grow from a tactics thread.

Try not to be too much of a dick. Obviously, this is an internet discussion forum so people are encouraged to debate with each other, and argue from time to time, and that's fine. However, it tends to harm our argument if you come across as too much of a dick. There's no point in trying and spell out all the kinds of behaviour I'm talking about here.

Anyway as I said, things are mostly going ok. Carry on.

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