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wats realy funny was when some proper nerd(yes) with inch thick glasses walks into your club acting all "hard" and mouthing off "oh playing with little toy soldiers are you !fucking retarded that"(yeah coming from a toatal geeky four eyes (I have glasses to so dont take that as an insult!)) and starting to up set this really unstable girl (bad choice , cos if I didnt start on him she would probably slit his throught,or worse).so I square up to him, he takes a swing at me and practically bounces of off me,so I gentley shove him towards the door,and he fell over!! right laugh! jonrocs(on this forum) was there as well he could probably tell you more
so ,to sum up ,just give the hecklers a hiding, show them that not all rpers and war gamers are weedy little geeks

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