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Originally Posted by The Son of Horus
You can get multiple 1's. You just re-roll the ones that are doubles that aren't 1's. It's very possible not to get Siren.
like my mate on tuesday taking a siren prince for the 1st time and rolling 4 1's!!! didn't get siren on his 7 dice at all and was gutted to say the least.

Then got pawned by the afor mentioned Asscannon - rending is such a desider with that one. A little luck and jesus those guns are evil. 2 Tornadoes basically won me Conflict Manchester 2 years back.

On these kind of rules notes, one i like but have often been accused of cheesey for is rhino hearding.

Bascially you use a tankshocking vehicle to hit along the flank of the enemy unit. Now they have to move out of the way but maintain coherency so end up squashing in amongst thier fellow squad members, all nice and clumped up ready for some template weapon action.

I used to do this all the time with my marines and thier twin-flamer rhino units - was devastating. Pretty much works with any other army.

Just one of those little things ppl never seem to realise, just like how i play assault.

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