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Originally Posted by when in doubt, shoot! View Post
It is so embarrasing when someone from outside the club comes in.
This brings me to my question, how do you get rid of (or at least lessen) the idea of fellow pupils (or co workers or whatever) into thinking warhammer isn't just little plastic toy soldiers? Well, I know it is, but how do you make it more....mature...Sounding?
surely part of the point of being at school is to learn about the world and how to handle yourself effectively in it? if you really want to feel mature excluding people who you don't think are 'cool' is not the way to go about it. the simple truth is that miniature wargaming is never 'cool' (well, not in an obvious sense). and being 'cool' won't get you anywhere in life, so the sooner you can realise that you don't need to be cool the better (or at the very least that you are cool for being who you are, not how others want you to be).

also, this is a freakin' school. of course there will be kids that find playing with rules too hard. they just like the models and want to use their imagination. that what kids do! everyone starts somewhere and then as they get older and can handle playing with rules better they look to the older 'cooler' kids to give them some guidance or inspiration. i'd think it would be far more mature of you to want to be the guy who helps out people who don't understand than the one who is constantly trying to attain praise from people who are never going to be satisfied. even if your school mates don't appreciate that now, they will do in time.

Originally Posted by when in doubt, shoot! View Post
Any witty comebacks or help would be welcome, as the amount of hecklers at my school is insane. Thanks!
generally speak i don't get much abuse because i don't really fall into the gamer stereotypes, i'm often the only one of my friends that where's casual shirts; but if people do try and mock me or my hobbies i usually let it roll off my back (after all, which is better collecting little toy men or collecting liver damage and penalty points on your license because you go out and drink yourself stupid every night) or i turn it round. if someone says 'so, do you collect an army of little men?' i will often answer 'no. i collect THE BEST army of little men.', that usually indicates that you are not very embarased about you hobby and are perhaps even quite proud of your skills.

and if the very worst comes the worst, and you really just want them to piss off, my friend at uni (who lived with a large house of girls, none of whom 'understood' the hobby), would often retort, 'try to think of it this way, i collect 'little toy men' like you collect sexually transmitted diseases. we all have our hobbies.'
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