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Missile launchers are a good suggestion, but as far the laser lance, I asked about that in tactics and the general consensus was that the laser lance was not worth it. See, the fusion gun will easily take out armor much easier so I dont have to worry as much about the facing of a vehicle, and the power sword is so he can hold his own in combat, as the laser lance is a power weapon only in the first round.

Kroot subspecies:
-JFGIkroot;(justf***inggoogleit)discovered by Catpain Rich
-Bar-B-Kroot; discovered by Master Andael
-Sourkroot; discovered by Skull Harvester
-LMAOKroot;discoverd by Cato Sicarius
-Re-kroot;discovered by Dicrel Seijin
-pwnKroot; discovered by Dawnstar
Please contact me if more subspecies are discovered.
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