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Originally Posted by Mutants_ho! View Post
Ah, I like those harbingers, very cool.

They seem balanced enough to me, but maybe a price hike to 8 points per model, as that is pretty good.
Cheers, glad you like them! I reckon I could bump them up to 8 points happily enough. I'll look at it again when I add the rares to the main list.

Originally Posted by Mutants_ho! View Post
My only qualm is that this is suddenly becoming quite like a wood elf army, albiate crazed and green, but still pretty wood elfy - though that is to be expected
The Harbingers certainly are Asrai inspired, though it was a round hole and waywatchers were a nice shaped peg, since I needed some ranged punch, wanted a goblin based rare and so there wasn't much else to base them on!

I think it is a little early to say the army is becoming quite like a Wood Elf army though, only the one unit so far really has Wood Elf inspired written all over it, I was expecting people to pull me up on nicking the Lizardmen bits wholesale more than anything!

Fear not though, the characters and magic lore will be anything but Wood Elf based!
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