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Originally Posted by Dafistofmork View Post
they are at -2 to hit, -3 in a wood from shooting? they hit on 3's? with KB? and scouts? thats mental. 7pts looks about right, maybe have the option to move through woods with out penalty at +2pts. or maybe that is an option the boss can give, but at a 3-5pt hike in price for him. or maybe the boss can pick out his target in a unit, ie the champion or the BSB?
They are good, but considering their lack of armour save they aren't that difficult to kill really. Also hitting on 3's against normal troops within 12" is good, but if you remember that they will often be shooting at more than 12" and it is quite likely that they will have to move at times, so I think it balances out.

The move through woods and water without penalty is an army wide rule so they already have it, but then so do their slinger mates. With the cover thing it is also worth remembering that they wont get as much benefit from hiding in trees as Wood Elves since I am not planning to give them any control over wooded terrain. It seems to me that Asrai are likely to become one with the forest and everything within it, whereas goblins are more likely to force themselves upon the forest and not bother with any hippy shit!

This will be reflected in a whole new magic lore that I am planning to include , which has no tree moving, so although it is useful to move through cover without hindrance, it isn't quite so essential to stick to the woods, unlike Wood Elves.

Also they don't have an option for standards or musicians, they are sneaky little buggers that slay their prey silently before skulking back in to the shadows, no trumpets or flags for these gits! Bear in mind as well that scouts is also a double-edged bonus, since yes they are closer to their targets, but if the rest of the gobbos don't get their quick they are on their own!

Thansk for the feedback though, I do appreciate it even if I don't often do what is suggested!

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