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Ok here is the last of my rare choices for now, as with the other sections I wanted to include a Forest Goblin-based choice, as well as making an option that is different again from the roles performed by the other two choices.
Forest Goblin Harbingers

When Forest Goblins go to war the raiding parties are often preceded by small scouting groups that rove far ahead of the bulk of the raid. These Forest Goblins are known as Harbingers, they are exceptionally skilled with a bow and are able to fell their prey with a single, well-aimed shot. Harbingers spend their lives hunting furthest from the relative safety of their camps, for this gives them a greater chance of finding most desirable prey that would most likely flee the larger hunting parties before they even neared it.

Harbingers tend to shun the slings that most Forest Goblins use in favour of bows as they allow them to strike silently from range, unlike slings that make a whirring noise as they are spun. The size and power of bows make them more difficult to master for diminutive goblins, but once experienced enough Forest Goblin Harbingers are very skilled shots. Harbingers easily outstrip their less skilled sling wielding kin in range and accuracy, making them particularly deadly for foe of the Forest Goblin tribes.

In battle Forest Goblin Harbingers band together in small packs, scouting far ahead of the main bulk of the Forest Goblin raiding party. Their skill with bows allows them to harry potentially dangerous foe from range, picking off important targets and providing support for the rest of the tribe as it closes on the enemy.

Forest Goblin (Spider Rider) profile (Armybook: Orcs and Goblins, Page 29.)

Equipment: Two Hand Weapons and a bow - 7pts per model
Unit Size: 5+

* Boss Upgrade as per Goblins (Armybook: Orcs and Goblins, p. 52)

Special Rules: Skirmishing, Scouts, Venom Shot, Skilled Hunter

Venom Shot - Forest Goblin Harbingers make use of a range of poisonous plants and animals to concoct powerful toxins, with which they coat their arrowtips, this allows them to bring down prey that are much more powerful than a Forest Goblin. In battle these toxins are perfect for dealing with the most dangerous enemies of the Forest Goblins.
  • All ranged attacks have the Killing Blow special rule.

Skilled Hunter - Forest Goblin Harbingers are highly skilled hunters, they are capable of killing foe with a single shot from a much greater range than other Forest Goblins. They are also adept at moving through cover without giving themselves away, easily able to close on their prey and get in to killing range unobserved.
  • Forest Goblin Harbingers have +1 BS on the standard Forest Goblin profile and all ranged attacks against them are at -1 to hit.
I went for a gobbo version of waywatchers with a bow since a longbow seemed a little unbelievable with the fact that most gobbos use shortbows. BS4 24" S3 KB shots seems to me to be a good balance between a useful Rare and a fluffy entry, but I would love to hear any thoughts on this, particularly my initial thoughts on cost, of 7pts a model.

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