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Originally Posted by Mutants_ho! View Post
The troll seems slightly strong (if possible to take them in units) or Slightly weak (if not). M12 and 6 Str 5 attacks +hate and fear? Nasty. Even the M8 seems a little beardy...
Not sure where you are getting hatred from, the troll doesn't have Hate as a special rule? I think the Fungus troll would probably have to be a solo choice, since it is based on the Chaos Spawn as I said and the fluff would suggest they don't hang around in groups as they are all high as kites! The table is based on the Chaos Spawn, it is actually slightly less powerful since a spawn can have 7 attacks, but at the same time a spawn is more random, which to me is how it should be.

I take what you saying though. I think it would prove to be powerful, but certainly not beardy since there is that big element of chance with everything they do. '1st turn 12"! Yes, I'll get to clobber them next turn, 2nd turn 4" A2, oh shit...'

I LOVE that gigantic spider, but why is it described as "moves with unnatural speed" with an I of 3. The thing moves, in combat, at human speed. Maybe an increase to 4 or 5 is in order?

I also think the Gigantic spider should be a mount choice for the fighty type gobbo leader you create. Also unless you give it frenzy to represent its animalistic behavior (It does not have the humanoid ability to reason correct?) I think it should have a small group of gobbo handlers. After all the handlers are dead it should get frenzy to represent what I've said already.

To keep the handlers alive you might down their ward saves to 3-4, respresenting them getting divine protection from their spider god (or in my case goddess ).
I guess the unnatural speed was me getting over-creative, I meant that for it's bulk it moves really quickly... I like your ideas, but I am not keen on handlers, I think I would like to stay away from the potentially beardy Hydra-type monster. I think I will make a shaman Special Character when I get round to Lords and have him ride a spider with a howdah or something.

The list lacks hitting power currently, in infantry at least. Why not make some harder hitting, class A gobbo infantry?

0-2 Forrest Goblin [Enter regal name here]s
|M5|WS4|BS3|Str3|T3|W1|I4|A2|Ld7|Pts/model 7|
With Hand weapons LA/Shields. 5+ ward save
--Flails +1 pt/model (or some other str increasing weapon)
--Favor of the Spider (poisoned attacks and +4 ward save) +35 pts per unit

It just seems to me that with a guy able to get big bosses with ws5 and warbosses with ws6 why couldn't gobbo infantry get better ws than 2.
It's a possibility, I think I will work on getting the list 'complete' with choices in each section, then might think about the balance as a whole. I am not overly worried about it being competitive though as in my experience anything that has a reasonable chance of whooping other lists is thought of as poorly conceived power gaming, and poo-pooed. I don't want to make a list to win, I want to have fun with it!

Originally Posted by Tha Tall One View Post
Wow, this list is awesome.
I think the troll should enter the table from a chosen table side (like a Gorger) to represent him beeing lost and just enter the battle by pure chance.
I thought about it, but it seemed a little cheesy to lift the mechanics of the gorger in one piece and claim them as a good part of a forest goblin army. I decided to keep the troll cheaper and slightly less like a gorger, more like a chaos spawn. Seems to fit the craziness of all gobbo armies a little closer!

I like your idea of the Web Chukka thomas2, interesting concept. I am not too keen on the idea of using the teardrop template as if the Web Chukka is that close to it's target there seems to be a pretty good chance of never getting to use it to me. I think Vaz's suggestions might help make it a little more feasible in game, but it is a pretty cool invention nonetheless!

Just a slight note though, please don't put any statlines of units from GW publications. Just put a reference for them to save us upsetting the big bad GW!
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