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Loving the troll squeek ;) First turn charge from a Troll Fanatic? Mwahahaha! Loving the background behind it as well.

For the web chukka's, I think that's a really characterful thing, myself. It's a bit rules heavy, try making it that you target a point on the table top, exactly like a Stone Thrower. However, if the marker lands on a target, it takes 2D6 Str 1 Poisoned, Armour Piercing hits. Any unit taking wounds from the hit must pass a Strength test at the start of their next turn, otherwise they can't move, cast spells, or shoot that turn. If they fail, or choose not to take the test, then they may act as normal in their next turn. If enagaged in combat, they is no effect.

Really liking that Tom! +Rep.

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