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OK, my 2 cents is to modify cco's idea to be a little non-linier, and also adding the idea of the coptas vs the dread.

scenario 1, the frontlines: The tac squad and the 20 mob are fighting over a single objective in a take and hold style.

Scenario2, armored spearhead, simultanious: You play the Defcopas against the Dread, but the Dread is defending an objective that must be destroyed by the Defcoptas, random length, and if the obj is destroyed the coptas win, if not the dread wins.

Scenarios 3-4, assasinate, also simultanious: The comander of each army vs the eliets, the comander need only get away to win. If he dies the other side wins. The player who has only their comander may positon the terain to his liking (within reason, no boxing in the enemy with impasable terain)

Scenario 5, finisher: Both side gets their troops, and eliets. They also get their comander and vihicles if they survived their missions. If the marines comander died in his mission, he is the objective in a take and hold mission and must be held at the end of 6 turns, representing a rescue mission, if the space marines won scenario two, than that objective is also on the board. If the orks comander died, they dont care and just keep fighting. If the space marine comander is not defeated, than witchever side won more missions must bunker assault the other side. If it was a draw, than whoever won mission one may choose wether to be defender or attacker. If the attacker wins, the defender is uterly defeated and the campaign ends in the attackers favor. If the defender wins...

Scenario 6, counter-push: This is played on the same board as mission 5, representing that its events are imediately folowing mission 5. If the defender won in mission 5, than they have countered the enemys final assault and broken their offensive, turning the battle in their favor and going on the attack. The attacker from mission 5 gets only their troops and comander. If their comander was dead, he arrives via reserves rules, representing his heroic retrun, or the next strongest ork finaly establishing his domonence in time to join the battle. The defender from mission 5 gets everything that survived mission 5 (even if their troops didnt survive they still get them, ). Even if the space marine comander died, and the space marines are the 5, his rescue is postponed untill the batle is finished so that the good fortunes of the moment do not go to waste. Whoever wins scenario 6 wins the campaign.

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