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Can you explain the lack of freedom in communism? Other posters seem rather worried that communism would be too much freedom, so I'm interested in why you think the opposite.

Not sure how you'd fit "Anarchist Communism" "Anarcho-Syndicalism" or "Class Struggle Anarchism" into your scheme either, whether you mean only Individualist Anarchism or not.

I have a lot of problems with Individualist Anarchism, in that it claims that there is no need for a state (with which I agree) but it generally leaves capitalism (the other of the twin evils infesting the world) untouched, as economic relationships are a matter of 'free contract', which I think is rubbish. In other words there might be "freedom" (personally, I doubt it) but there'd be no equality.

The differences between Class-struggle Anarchism (in its different forms) and Marxism (not 'communism') are; that Marxism believes in the need for a party of the working class whereas Anarchism uses other methods of organisation; and that Anarchists believe in "immediate communisation" while Marxists believe in "the period of transition".

But the aim of both is "communism".

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