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Originally Posted by Revelations View Post
... revolution happens for all sorts of reasons; but I'll always put the blame on those ones who start it because they disagree with the government their in...
OK, I think I can accept (or at least pass over without further comment) a good deal of what you have said... but this is the bit that sticks in my throat.

I believe that American colonists were right to rebel against the tyranny of George II, I believe that the French people were right to overthrow the monarchy in 1789, I believe that the Russian people were right to overthrow their warmongering governments (two of them!) in World War I in order to have "peace, bread and land", I believe that the German workers were right to overthrow their government to end World War I, I believe that the workers and sailors at Kronstadt in 1921 were right to oppose the Bolshevik dictatorship, I believe that the Hungarians were right in 1956 to launch their attempt at revolution... because I believe we have to resist tyranny.

Not to establish new tyranny - I think, to drag the debate in a slightly surreal direction, that The Who's "here comes the new boss, same as the old boss" sums this up pretty well - but in order to establish something better. I don't think that's an impossible task. We have seen the beneficial results of revolutions before. To everyone that says that revolutions inevitably result in bloodletting - see, France and Russia - there is of course the counter-example of the American Revolution (or War of Independence, depending on which side of the Atlantic one is).

Now, you may 'blame' the revolutionaries, in that you say that it is their actions that make the revolution happen; but I would say that actions of the tyrants make the revolution necessary - and so I'd blame them, as in, assign moral culpability.

But then of course, I don't believe in property. I believe it is right to steal from someone hoarding food if you are starving. Not, "hmm, well, I can see the point, OK we'll let it go", but right. Because, to me, people are always more important than things.

And governments and law codes and power structures are just things. Once they get in the way of people living their lives, they deserve to be swept away. And if the powerful few try to hang on to them, then unfortunately revolution becomes innevitable.

Don't get me wrong - I'd love the transition to communism to be peaceful, as the whole world realises the sense of it and the propertied few decide that on the whole they're better of in a world where they're materially a bit less well off, but spiritually far richer. But I really can't see it happening like that I'm afraid.

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