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Originally Posted by Wraithian View Post
No, not at all what I'm stating. People, in a capitolistic society, work together because of the, "what's in it for me" idea...
And they will under communism too.

Originally Posted by Wraithian View Post
... People abuse the system because they can. Again, if given the opportunity for the same outcome, people will take the path of least resistance, as that has been proven over the years.

Again, I (as I am the only one I can speak for) ...
Funny, you seem to be speaking for everyone there, all those people you have such a high opinion of.

Originally Posted by Wraithian View Post

Communism is a great idea--but, I understand that people are not quite as shining and pure of, "oh, I'm doing this to benefit all," and know that people, when it comes down to it, will do what benefits *them* the most...
Again with the judging-everyone-by-your-own-standards thing. Really. There are lots of good people in the world. Maybe you've never met any, in which case, I pity you, and all the people you've ever met. But I'm damn sure it's not just me bieng lucky.

And, of course, the ultimate guarantor of what is 'best for you' is, quite frankly, what is 'best for everybody', because we are social beings. Our system tells us to ba atomised and frightened, but I refuse to be, and there are other people who also refuse to be.

Originally Posted by Wraithian View Post
Communism fails. Communism has failed. Communism will continue to fail.
Meaningless (except for the last one, which is a bit messianic for my taste).

I make no real predictions. Communism may fail in the future. But it has never 'failed' in the past because it has never been implemented.

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