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Originally Posted by cafel View Post
Red Orc, how do you see this coming about? With attitudes very anti-communist, thank in large part to the USSR, do you really see the workers rising up as one around the world, or capitalist goverments letting a single country turn towards true communism? What path do you see, especially since these recent economic crisises haven't really caused a large backlash against capitalism in developed countries, and third world countries are too destabilized to enact this sort of society.
Reasonable question, though I think your info is a little off. There have been massive mobilisations - a 'backlash' if you will - in Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Ireland and a lot of other places. In Latvia the protestors forced the government to resign a few weeks ago. These ones listed are all EU member countries. There is a lot of anger and resentment. But whether it goes anywhere, or capitalism alternately gives some concessions and breaks some heads until it 'all dies down' (until the next crisis...) remains to be seen.

I do think that there is a problem with 'anti-communist attitudes' because most people don't even know what communism is. They hate Stalinist Russia, generally, which is a very healthy rection I think. Stalinist Russia was a vile and oppressive place, I'm pretty sure we mostly agree on that. But, it had nothing to do with communism. So to oppose communism because you think the USSR was a prison-camp, is nonsensical. I think probably those who hate Stalinism the most, after the 3 generations of Russians and their neightbours who suffered under it, are communists. Stalin killed more communists than any other world leader.

How do I see it happening? Protest mainly. Strikes and demonstrations. There's no coup, no secret army poised to take over. Just working people, fed up with the waste and blight and corruption, and prepared to take things into their - our - own hands.

If it could be bloodless, I'll be happy. I suspect it won't be. But, if it rescues us from the shit we're in now, it might be worth it.

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