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Originally Posted by Captain Galus View Post
... Communism failed in the USSR because of how few resources they were trying to distribute amongst such a large population in addition to Stalin and others thinking they were above the laws their own government dictated. Capitalism doesn't really exist in as pure a form as many people think; the USA is much closer to socialism than true capitalism with all our government regulations and retarded work unions, etc....

Communism can't exist in one country, it's impossible. Communism failed because the revolution didn't spread - in part, because the German communists were murdered in droves (see also the murders of Hungarian, Turkish and Chinese communists, all of whom were massacred by capitalism in their hundreds or thousands); and also, because the western governemts were so petrified of their own working class that they bent over backwards to make deals with 'responsible leaders'.

Regulation is not socialism. What you have in America is capitalism. Socialism is the opposite of capitalism, it is the establishment of a classless communal society that is worldwide in scope, without money or a working class. If you tell me there's no money and no working class in America, you're either a liar or a fool.

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