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Originally Posted by Red Orc View Post
Difficult to understand what you mean here. You seem to be saying "hey, even in the hellish conditions of capitalism, people can work together", which I agree with, and "so, in the better conditions of communism, they wouldn't because it's against human nature", which is obviously tosh.

You may of course be rather confusedly complaining that people abuse the system in capitalism, it's difficult to tell. Of course they do, why not? The system abuses them after all, and it also promotes violence, greed and short-termism as the solutions to problems. Quelle surprise that violence greed and short-termism are regarded as legitimate strategies. Who would have expected that?

No, not at all what I'm stating. People, in a capitolistic society, work together because of the, "what's in it for me" idea.

As for this, "people abuse the system because the system abuses them," is garbage. People abuse the system because they can. Again, if given the opportunity for the same outcome, people will take the path of least resistance, as that has been proven over the years.

Again, I (as I am the only one I can speak for) am going to be beyond pissed if I'm working the type of job I currently do, while some asshole is putting in the least amount of effort and recieving the same benefits I do. Now, I know I can't be alone in that thought, so if there is even a small percentage of the population that feels as such, then communism fails. Again, what incentive does a person have to put in the effort to go beyond what is expected? Why would anyone ever become a doctor or a lawyer if they are going to recieve the exact same social benefits as the guy who pumps their gas? Sure, you can say, "the warm and fuzzies they get from the job they do," which, for some, is fine. But, what we'll see is a serious shortage of professional employees. Which, in itself, is a detrement to society.

Communism is a great idea--but, I understand that people are not quite as shining and pure of, "oh, I'm doing this to benefit all," and know that people, when it comes down to it, will do what benefits *them* the most.

Communism fails. Communism has failed. Communism will continue to fail.

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