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Originally Posted by xiawujing View Post
You wanna see Communism with a "stable" government? Well, the current American system is just about as stable as it gets so far in human history. And Obama and Friends currently are trying their hardest to transcend out current capitalistic state and turn us towards communism. So just give it a few years, and see how you like it.
Bah, I'm sick of hearing this. The Obama administraton is doing nothing close to communism and no more socialism then what was seen in the New Deal. He's been supplying the banks with capital and buying up toxic debt. There has yet to be a goverment take over of the banking system (which is much less socialistic then it sounds, the goverment usually only controls the banks for a few hours to a few days until they are resold to private interests, this is the route that the United States has often advised other countries with banking crisises to take in the past,) and there seems to be few signs that this is in the cards.

While certainly not practicing completely free market policies, which I would be disturbed if he did, Obama is not a communist, or even much of a socialist.
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