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Originally Posted by Col. Schafer View Post
Revelations: yeah, I think you have summed it up well. Actualy that beneficial tyrnay sounds interesting. Can you name one of them so I can do some looking into that?
Two spring to mind right away...

1. Genghis Khan.

2. Qin Shi Huang.

Although their political and governmental structures may be called something more specific to the individuals, both fall under what I would consider the Beneficial Tyranny.

You may not like either one of them, nor what tactics they employed to further to own agendas, but by god did they make major impacts on the world and revolutionize many aspects of modern life.

Other forms would include many Monarchys you might already be familiar with, including but not limited to; much of the British Empire, the Roman Empire, and the Egyptian Empire.

Unity is a grand thing. The only problem with it is that the world has become so individualized that an attack on personal freedoms cannot be tolerated, regardless of the greater good it could do if sacrificed even for a moment. Such is the sick and twisted joke of tolerance.

But I'm ranting now...

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