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Web chukka

In the dense forests inhabited by the forest goblins regular war machines are of no use. Stones tangle up in the thick canopies, spears hit trees instead of foes. The forests goblins solution to this? The web chukka! Little more than some flexible sticks on wheels with a web knotted between them- full of parts of past victims and the tiny spiders that keep it repaired. This light construct is wheeled out onto the battle field and fired at a target, trapping many of them for the entire battle and the small spiders leaping with their webs to inject poison.

Points: 50 points (?)

Crew: 2 forest goblins

[table] Name | M | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Ld
Web chukka | - | - | - | - | 6 | 2 | - | - | -[/table]

Forest goblin crew: as standard

Wargear: The crew are armed with Hand Weapons and Forest Charms (6+ AS)

Special rules: Web chukka

Web chukka Web chukkas count as a war machine, with the following rules-
  • Being light constructs their crew may march, and can move and fire.
    When firing place the small end of the template with the web chukka. Any models under the template must take a strength test, and if failed take a wound- armour not allowed. Against war machines it doesn't cause a wound, but automatically stops it firing next turn.
    The spiders that travel in the web mean you roll a artillery dice and inflict that many S1, poisoned, armour piercing attacks, hitting on 2+, on the closest unit with surviving members under the template. If you roll a misfire roll on the web chukka misfire chart and undo the effects of the shooting.

Web chukka misfire chart

D6 Result
1-2 Tangled upThe firers have been tangled up in their own net! The web chukka cannot fire next turn.
3-4 Spider attack! The small spiders leap on the crew, dealing 2D6 S1, poisoned, armour piercing attacks, hitting on 2+.
5-6 Disaster! Something really bad has happened, like the web snapping or the crew getting badly tangled. Remove the unit from play.

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