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Default Another controversial discussion! (Capitalism vs Communism)

Comunism vs. Capitalism - discuss

My opinion is that comunism would work wonderfully if a stable govornment could be established. ie; one that isnt a dictatorship (nothing against any one given dictator, but someon eventualy will fuck it up) but of course the problom is, how stable is stable enughf? I think that to make it work on a large scale, you would need a government as well thaught out as the US, or the UK to make it work, but those take time and by then someone will probably have declaired themself dictator. Botom line, I think Comunism could work but that its more likely to fail, (and if it fails it epic-fails as history shows us) but I think if it did somehow worked it would be awsome.

Of course I dont expect it to work at any time in the forseeable future, I'm just currious what everyone else thinks.

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