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No thoughts about the Monstrous Forest Spider? Well then perhaps this little stinker will tempt you!
Fungus Troll

Where the forest is oldest, far removed from wayward interlopers the oldest trees are clad in huge fungus reefs that bloom in to great swathes of living flesh, rich with nutrients and an abundant source of food for those adapted to this most curious niche. Forest Goblins regard the fungus as a delicacy and harvest enormous fungus steaks from the huge blooms, often gathering enough to feed an entire tribe for a week at a time. But they are not the only creature that feeds on this rich food source.

Trolls are thought to have followed goblins in to the forests in ages past, as is often the case with trolls it was not long before some got lost. Without their diminutive friends to look after them they were forced to scavenge what food they could from the forest, over time trolls found the fungus reefs and were loathe to leave such a plentiful food source, quickly taking up residence high in the fungus canopy.

The fungus is truly a bountiful food source, but it is not without its risks. Fungus blight is common in the fungus reefs and though it does not kill the fungal bloom, it is all pervasive and spreads throughout the fungus tainting the flesh and feeding from the host. Forest Goblins have learnt to avoid blighted fungus unless they want to spend the next fortnight as a gibbering wreck due to the powerful hallucinogenic effect of the blight. Trolls however are not so smart.

The blighted fungus sends trolls in to wild hallucinogenic fits that get worse and worse each time they eat blighted fungus, in time the trolls mental state is so fragile they no longer need to eat the blighted fungus to feel its effects. Forest Goblins sometimes manage to coax crazed Fungus Trolls to follow them in to battle. The Forest Goblins regard this as an auspicious start to a war party as the trolls are as deadly to their foe as they are wildly unpredictable. Mork only knows what the Fungus Trolls make of this, but there are always willing trolls to be found.

[table] Name | Points | M | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Ld
Fungus Troll | 50 | Special | 3 | 1 | 5 | 5 | 3 | 3 | Special | 4[/table]

Equipment: Fungus Trolls use whatever implement happens to be to hand, whether it be a tree branch or a Dwarf, it matters not to the troll (Hand Weapon)

Special Rules: Insane, Fear, Regenerate

Insane - Fungus Trolls are subject to endless wild hallucinogenic fits, they suffer from a constant state of confusion and a rapid succession of conflicting emotions and urges. It is impossible to predict exactly what a Fungus Troll will do at any given moment or how they will react to a particular situation, which greatly amuses the Forest Goblins and often terrifies their foe.
  • Fungus Trolls are Immune to Psychology and are subject to the following table at all times. Each turn the player should roll a D6 and consult the table below.
[table] D6 | Result | Action | M | A
1-2 | Blaargh! Spiders! | The troll spends most of the turn trying to dislodge spiders from its non-existent hair and is generally not very responsive | 4 | 2
3-4 | Wot dose pritty lights? | The troll sees something shiny and goes off to investigate before forgetting how many feet it has and stopping to count | 8 | 4
5-6 | Arrghh! Wot yous lookin' at? | The troll takes offence at something only it can see and takes it out on the nearest pink elephant, or failing that anything unfortunate enough to be nearby | 12 | 6 [/table]

The player must move the troll the distance dictated by the table but may nominate the direction that the troll moves in (this must be a straight line). If the troll comes in to contact with an enemy unit it counts as charging, the enemy unit may make a charge reaction as normal. The movement for the round counts as the trolls maximum charge distance for all subsequent circumstances for that round.
I took inspiration from the WoC Chaos Spawn and tweaked it to fit how I thought a crazed hallucinating troll might behave. Thoughts on the Rare Choices so far?

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