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Ok here is the first of my rare choices, it was the most fun so I thought I'd make this one first to see what people think!
Monstrous Forest Spider

Deep within the darkest parts of the forests there are places that even Forest Goblins fear to venture. Terrifying monsters lurk in the most remote and savage parts of the forest, of these myriad horrors the Monstrous Forest Spiders are perhaps the most deadly. Dwarfing the tiny 'giant' spiders that are regularly tamed by Forest Goblins, the huge brutes that lurk within the darkest reaches of the forests are capable of dispatching whole war parties with ease.

These Monstrous Forest Spiders are revered by Forest Goblins as living gods, they are regarded as manifestations of the sacred Spider God and are worshipped as much as they are feared. On rare occasions powerful Forest Goblin Shamans manage to entreat these hulking monsters to accompany the Forest Goblins in times of war.

Those unfortunate enough to meet one in battle are confronted by a truly terrifying foe. The spider's massive hulking form moves with unnatural speed for the size of the beast, in combat they are truly awe inspiring. The spider is armoured with heavy chitin and uses fangs and limbs to bite, slash and crush any that stand before it. The powerful scything limbs and savage fangs are more than capable of crushing or impaling a fully armoured knight.

[Table] Name | Points | M | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Ld
Monstrous Forest Spider | 200 | 7 | 5 | 3 | 6 | 5 | 5 | 3 | 4 | 7[/table]

Equipment: Massive Fangs and Scything Talons (Hand Weapon)

Special Rules: Wall-crawler (see AB: O&G, p.29), Poisoned Attacks, Terror, Stubborn, Venomous Fury

Venomous Fury - Monstrous Forest Spider's are ferocious beasts that harbour such a hatred for other living things, that often their lair's are surrounded by a macabre wasteland of twisted corpses and shattered bodies of the spider's many victims. In battle their venomous fury is unleashed on those that would stand against them, the spider revelling in the carnage as its foe are decapitated and ripped limb from limb one after another.
  • Monstrous Forest Spiders Hate all enemies
I based this on a cross between a Wyvern and a Giant with a bit of tweaking here and there and hatred to represent the ferocity of the spider, inspired by the Varghulf.

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