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Written by blackspine


Beastmen are the true children of chaos, created when the chaos gates crashed to earth, they have roamed the world for millennia. Though products of chaos, they do not feel the need to worship one god or pantheon, as they embody the spirit of chaos and their actions give rise to it. Beastmen are commonly depicted as goat headed humanoids, however away from the old world, they take on many forms; from wolf-men to tiger, their chaotic nature warps them to their surroundings. Having been in the world since the time of chaos, they view mankind as an intruder to their domain, a usurper. Beastmen wage a never ending war against civilization and will not rest until it is razed and the ashes are stomped under their cloven hooves.


Starting a Beastman army can be very simple, finishing an army may take time. The Beastman Battalion box is viewed as a very solid purchase as everything in the battalion is useable and vital to a working Beastman army. With two or three of these, you can be ready to field your army in no time. Many Beastman models are older or non-existent, so finishing up your Beastman army can be expensive. There are numerous third parties that make Beastman monsters, and are easily found online.
Many existing models are plastic and easily converted to suit your needs. Conversions abound in the Beastman community as they are seen as the result of the warping forces of chaos.
Painting Beastmen is a rewarding task that can help your army stand out. From tribal paints, unique skin tones, banners and armor, the Beastman army is a very customizable army.

Game Play

Beastmen armies can be unpredictable for a foe and have many tricks up their sleeves. Beastmen core units have access to ‘Ambush’ and can potentially assault a foe from any side. Chariots, and naked savage beastmen make up their core forces. One can upgrade a champion to make the fast moving centigors part of their core army. Bloodthirsty Minotaurs , armored Bestigors, flocks of harpies and swift moving Razorgors make up their hard hitting ‘special’ forces. Beastmen have access to some of the biggest monsters in game, but seeing as their models are not yet made, they are rarely seen.
Beastmen are a fast moving army, their strength lies in savage close combat. Beastmen rely heavily on “primal fury”; a leadership based hatred that can persist every round. They win fights through attrition and out maneuvering.
The Beastman book is not too old, but was published before 8th edition came out. While it addresses many aspects of 8th edition, there are numerous parts of the book that are viewed as unfit for 8th edition. Beastmen armies are not common and will often surprise the opponent with their capabilities. They are viewed as an army for the underdogs.


The Lords are the cornerstones of the Beastman army, the whole force relies on their Leadership and command. Beastlords have access to amazing mutations and unique army items and can be built as a ‘killer’ or more of a stalwart lord to support the unit. Great Bray Shamans can support the army or reign down destruction with their access to the lores: Wild, Death, Beast, Shadows. It is worth noting that Beastmen Shaman cast anything from the lore of Beasts on their own units with a bonus. Doombulls act as monstrous leaders and can share their ‘blood-greed’ frenzy with any unit they join.


Beastmen heroes can be quite potent, from acting as brutes to supporting the main forces with withering magic. Wargors can be a potent Battle Standard Bearer, with access to mutations allowing them to carry a magic banner as well! Shaman are versatile, act well as a support to your main Shaman or even the ability to scout ahead of the army. Both Shaman and Wargors have access to chariots. Gorebull minotaurs can be a tough juggernaut of a battle standard bearer or an additional combat menace.


Beastman core is a fast and Spartan core. The beastman army lacks notable armor, but makes up for it in savagery. Gors bring decent toughness and numerous attacks to the front lines and can hold against the most sturdy of foes. Ungors are inexpensive troops that have access to ‘hatred’ and viewed by many as the ‘elite cheap horde’. Beastmen can take chariots as core, adding their potential impact hits and armor to any army. Warhounds are used for their speed and flexibility. Centigors can even be made core with an upgrade.


The typical ‘hammers’ of the beastmen army usually comes from the special section. Armored Bestigors can assault your foes with ranks of great weapons. Minotaurs, who have a potential for frenzy which grants them additional attacks for each combat won. Centigors can move swiftly across the field to tie up the enemy or harry their ranks. Razorgors provide a monstrous pig that can shrug off most enemy fire and race headlong into the fray. They can even pull a more sturdy and lethal chariot. Harpies are effective war-machine hunters and utilized by many Beastlords on the warpath.


The rare selections for beastmen are all monsters in their own rights. The Ghorgon is a blade-limbed fiend that rampages across the field and can swallow enemies whole, healing itself. The Jabberslythe flies on wings of insanity and spreads madness wherever it goes and spreads its poison blood to those that would strike it. The Cygor is a stone throwing menace that hones in on magical creatures and wizards and shakes the nerve of the most seasoned caster. Chaos Spawns are solid for holding flanks, but their major downside is their random movement and are not as predictable as the other monsters. The Rare monsters are widely viewed as far too point heavy to put into most competitive play, but when they are seen in battle, it’s a horrible surprise.

Money Saving

Beastmen have a fantastic “battalion” box and one can easily start an army from a few battalions. The battalions will have many extra bits and numerous units can be created out of them. Many gors can be made out of chaos marauders with just a few hooves or horns. Mutations mean that you have free reign with your army and get away with many appearances that others couldn’t.


Beastmen are a versatile army and can act in many ways. From huge hordes of lethal opponents, ambushing units, fast moving chariots, hounds, razorgors, harpies , Hulking minotaurs wading into combat and slaughtering all to the gigantic rare monsters. Beastmen are viewed as an unforgiving army, there is not a lot of room for mistakes in a battle, and beastmen afford even less. They are viewed as a mid to low tiered army, but can surprise even the best forces.

Where to go from here

A Beast of Chaos forum - The Herdstone

And of course they are loads of great images out there if you just have a poke about the net.

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