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Wondered if we'd see this surfacing - nice one mate!

I'm in a rush - considered thoughts later - but these are my initial thoughts:
1 - I do think savage Orcs have a place in this set-up;
2 - look at Gnoblars for ambushes (I think);
3 - consider the Forest Moon of Endor, and how the Ewoks forught the Empire, that might throw up some ideas.

Kudos for the beginnings of a great project!

:cyclops in the forest:

EDIT: OK, a few more thoughts; I think the army should have some standard cheap-as-chips infantry troops, probably with spears, as a Core choice.

I like the Braves, but they're more an elite infantry unit - of course, they're a Special choice, so that's cool. I like the idea of frenzied Goblins though, that's nice and mad. You say they're to stand in for Savage Orcs, I wonder if Savage Orcs aren't best as maybe a 0-1 Special or perhaps a Rare pick? I would think that Savage Orcs should fit right in here. Perhaps a taking a Savage Orc Cheiftain rathr than a Forset Goblin boss allows 0-1 Savage Orcs as a Special and 0-1 Savage Orc Boar Riders as a Rare, or something like that?

Just thinking out loud really. Feel free to use or discard, or take, push through the wringer and jump up and down on what comes out...

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