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For the Braves, I'd say give them a Price hike of 1, but give them the Ward Save of 5+ as standard, and additional Hand Weapons as standard as well. Makes them a bit more useful instead of just fluffy. But I like them ;) Maybe consider having them as a counter attack unit, ASF in Woods? They become a bit more solid, and worth taking, as 6 points (Although 19 Str 3 attacks can do some damage, they need to have something to hold solid - Wood Elves have Eternal Guard, War Dancers, and Treekin, while the Gobbo's here have nothing.

One of the more important things is making them a viable option for everyone, no everyone can judge when to retreat, not to charge, or how to change charge directions easily, so Hit and Run isn't that viable... Something to absorb would work wonders, and Special is the right place, I reckon!

If they are forest Goblins, maybe all Forest Goblin or Spider Riding units could be given a Move through wooded Terrain special rule, or Perhaps immunity to Fear and Panic when in Wooded Terrain?

Forest Troll

Not hampered by Wooded Terrain, Receives +1 over Save in a Wooded Terrain piece... and perhaps a Throw Log? 12" Ranged, can only be thrown if in starting the turn in a wooded terrain piece, Str 5 Armour Piercing/Penetrate Ranks? Instead of running them as units, you could do them as Monsters (Multiple monsters per choice?), or even as Gorgers?

I know that relies on the Forest Terrain piece being near to you, but perhaps you could take a 'leaf' out of the wood elves book (Sorry, that was god awful, but I had to), and give them a free 6"x6" Terrain piece?

I'm liking this idea a lot - having got a craving for Kislev, I might follow your example, and get one started up ;) +Rep

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