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Well, at least three thoughts on this:
1 - my 11-year-old (whose Space Marine army it is really, even though I think it's mine) has recommended that I read the "Assault on Black Reach" story for precisely the reason that I can glean some background. On the other hand, he's not tidied his bedroom for a week and hasn't managed to find the book yet.
2 - some (a lot?) of the people buying the set aren't going to be doing a Black Reach campaign anyway - they're not playing Ultras, they're using their own Ork fluff, they're setting the game at a different time or whatever, so maybe it's better to do a generic "your Chapter, your Warboss" kinda thing, rather than a "Captain X and the Orks of Y" thing.
3 - I can't remember what 3 was, I just know there was one.

The set contains:
1 Space Marine Captain
10-man Space Marine tactical squad
5 Terminators
A Dreadnaught


1 Ork Warboss
5 Nobs
20-strong Ork mob
3 Deffkoptas

I would prefer the results of different engagements to count in some way, but I don't see straight mini-points matches working. So special misions or victory conditions seem the way to go.

Anything goes I figure. Any scenarios we can come up with using those forces to showcase aspects of the rules would be useful, even if they're not terribly 'fair', pointwise of just death-wise. The orks are about 135pts behind in those lists, for instance. Doesn't matter, if it's still fun. Maybe we could even things up with victory conditions in a big battle.

It might be fun to put up a Dread against 3 deffkoptas, just to demonstrate how jetbikes and walkers work. Maybe then the dread would get points depending on how many turns it lasted, or something like that. Or starting in the centre of the table and having to make it to an edge before before being destroyed, or something.

Also I'm figuring, small tables. 4'x4', maybe even smaller. The idea is we're doing this primarily for people just starting, so they may not have a 6'x4' fully-prepared Cities of Death board... they're probably playing on the kitchen table.

These are my thoughts about what and how. A bit disorganised I'll grant you, but getting there. Any thoughts you have (or anyone else!), please post here...

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