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No worries mate - seriously, this (Heresy as a whole) is a past time, and I'd rather someone spent more time worrying about their future than a past time. This was just something which I hoped could be used to create a bit of a background (hopefullly a full blown Wiki =O) for Warhammer Fantasy, but it's a Long way off yet - and there are NO deadlines =D

Still as a bit of a rider though, I DO mind if I find out that there is posting of copyrighted materials - this does include Scans of the page in the Dwarf Army book. I have the book myself, so will happily draw the Runes out for you, if need be, but there is to be no copyrighted material, in articles, or the like. If I find out, expect it to be reported, and no credit for any articles YOU WRITE, regardless of how much effort went into it.

I'm sorry it seems so harsh, but as this is going to be quite a large thing, I'm not going to have those who have spent so much work going into it dragged through the dirt, or the site risking closure due to such materials. This goes for any and everyone. If you're unsure, I'm sure asking any of the Staff who deal with the area (like squeek, or Ancient), or any of the super staff (Jez, for example) will be able to confirm. if they aren't available, Holla, and I'll usually get an answer ASAP. Usually though, if you're unsure, it's usually a sure sign of no, so recreate it yourself ;)

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