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Ever hear people interpretations of the 40k game? Where it's a small section of a large engagement? I would suggest using that idea as a basis of your nitroductory campaign. Every army has the specific elements it uses in the form of the FOC; which each having it's own purpose on the battle field, why not break each one up into it's own scenario?

You could have a Flank mission, where Fast Attack was utilized to sweep a troop position and capture an objective behind enemy lines. You could have a Demolishon Mission, where Heavy Support the goal is to destroy a particular objective, building or vehicle. You could have a Assassination mission; where Elites are used in order to kill a specific HQ.

All these battles could equal one large encounter, and the outcome of each battle determines the specific results of the entire engagement. A very non linear but workable concept.

Or were you looking for something more linear?

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