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Default Contributors wanted for linked scenarios...

Inspired by a thread here asking if there was a Black Reach introductory campaign like the Macragge one, I've decided to start trying to put one together.

What I was thinking was following the idea of the Macragge scenarios and starting simple but working up to an end scenario that included everything from AoBR, adding in new troops and objectives along the way to gradually familiarise new players with the rules (and to get old players to think about tiny, tiny games, not big ones).

I'm thinking 6 is a good number of battles.

If you have been playing a Black Reach campaign (even if the way you've been doing it isn't like what I'm doing here), I'd be really interested to hear about it.

I will be posting some real scenario ideas over the next few days I hope; but if anyone has any ideas at all on this, please post them here.


:starting small cyclops:

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