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Default Forest Goblins Homebrew Mini-Armybook

Hi all,

This is a mini-armybook I have been mucking about with for a little while now. I was disappointed when GW binned Forest Goblin units way back, I always thought they were the most interesting sub-race amongst the goblins and I am not satisfied by a unit or two of Spider Riders. So I decided to start work on a mini-armybook with a view to making a playable armylist for an all Forest Goblin army. Stats are largely based on the Forest Goblin Spider Rider stats which is handy since if I ever made a Forest Goblin army the BfSP Spider Riders seem a good bet!

This is still very much a WIP at the moment, so there are probably going to be bits that cause some consternation. I figure it is more useful to me to get input early on, rather than finish it and find people think it is shit!

So the concept I am working towards is pretty much Native Americans who live in a forest. Forest Goblins have always had some hints that they are based loosely on Native Americans, what with the feathers and the rustic look of their equipment. I figured this was an interesting enough concept to run with, though I have little intention of trying to stick to historically accurate facts; they are goblins!

Anyway, without further ado, here is my WIP Forest Goblin Mini-Armybook:
Forest Goblins

Army Rules

Please note unless otherwise stated I will be using the Forest Goblin (Spider Rider) profile (Armybook: Orcs and Goblins, Page 29.) as a standard statline for Forest Goblins.
Creatures of the Forest - Forest Goblins spend almost their entire lives deep within thickly forested areas. They are keenly attuned to their environment and are able to move freely through the densest and most inhospitable terrain. Fortunate really, since they are by no means the most dangerous inhabitants of the most remote parts of the woods!
  • All Forest Gobins can pass through woodland and water terrain without movement penalty.
Nimble Gits - Forest Goblins are agile and able to move quickly through a range of terrains. From a young age young Forest Goblins form small packs that live and hunt as one, vying with other packs to prove that they are worthy to become Forest Goblin Braves. This training serves them well as they are quicker than their Common Goblin cousins.
  • All Forest Gobins on foot have +1 movement on the standard Forest Goblin (Spider Rider) profile (Armybook: Orcs and Goblins, Page 29.)


Still to come...



Forest Goblin (Spider Rider) profile (Armybook: Orcs and Goblins, Page 29.)

Hand Weapon and Forest Charms (6+ AS) - 3pts per model
Unit Size: 20+
  • Any unit can be equipped with slings for +1pt/model
  • Spears and Command Upgrades as per Goblins (Armybook: Orcs and Goblins, p. 52)

Goblin Spider Riders

All details as per Forest Goblin Spider Riders (Armybook: Orcs and Goblins, Page 29 and 53)

Spider Swarms

Jungle Swarm profile (Armybook: Lizardmen (7th), Page 58.)

Fangs (Hand Weapons) - Do not count towards Core Requirement
Unit Size: 1-6 Bases
  • For rules and points costs see: Armybook: Lizardmen (7th), page 58 and 95.


Goblin Braves

Forest Goblin (Spider Rider) profile (Armybook: Orcs and Goblins, Page 29.)

Hand Weapon and Favour of the Forest (6+ Ward) - 5pts per model
Unit Size: 10+
  • Any unit can be equipped with an additional hand weapon for +1pt/model
  • Command Upgrades as per Goblins (Armybook: Orcs and Goblins, p. 52)
Do or Die - Forest Goblins regard death in combat as a worthy death for Forest Goblin Braves. Those that are strong enough to prove their worth to the tribe in combat become fully fledged tribe members, until then Forest Goblin Braves treat every close combat as an opportunity to prove themselves worthy.
  • All Forest Gobin Braves are Frenzied.

Spider Packs

Forest Goblin (Spider Rider and Spider) profile (Armybook: Orcs and Goblins, Page 29.)
  • Hand Weapon - 25pts per pack
  • Unit Size: 1+ pack (a pack is made of 2 Forest Goblins and 3 Spiders)
Special Rules: Squig Herds, ItP, Poisoned Attacks (Spiders) (Armybook: Orcs and Goblins, Page 26 and 29.)

Giant Bat Riders

Terradon profile (Armybook: Lizardmen (7th), Page 52.) Forest Goblin (Spider Rider) profile (Armybook: Orcs and Goblins, Page 29.)

Hand Weapons, Javelins and Forest Charms (6+ AS)
Unit Size: 3+
  • For rules and points costs see: Armybook: Lizardmen (7th), page 52 and 96.


Still to come...

What do you think? I think of them as a hit and run army, particularly since they don’t really have much in the way of ranged attacks currently. I am a bit stumped with rare choices, I don’t want to just recycle the O&G choices as they don’t really seem suited to Forest Goblins, but they obviously need something with a bit more punch.

I wont go in to too much detail about my choices and decisions as you might all think they are perfect… I wanted the army to be quite close to nature, so the various animals they employ seem to suit the forest theme, the slings were just because I like the idea of them and we hardly ever see them in Fantasy. The Braves are supposed to be the hard hitting unit so they are a Goblin version of Savage Orcs, though I am not entirely sold on them as they are. They probably need fiddling with to make them fair and/or worth picking.

The bits from the Lizardmen book just suited the army theme well and saved me buggering around reinventing the wheel. Anyway, any comments or suggestions?

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