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Right, the introduction to the Dwarf tongue is up, and depending on how you view it is either 4 days early or 7 hours late( i had to scrafice revision time for you guys, so if any of you dislike it then i will unleash the giant green fist of fury upon your worthless hides. if you do like it great.). by the way, as i dont have access to a scaner, could someone provide a copy of the runic script(found on page 60 of the current dwarf army book). just post it here for the meanwhile(im sure Vaz wont mind). thanks.

edit- i have found two on google, but they are both in german. it only afffects a small part of it, and i can work around it, but i would prefer an english one please.

humm, true. This is yet again proof the Orks are smarter the Elves.-Micklez

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