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alright sorry for the bump but i'm excited, i have my army built and will prime then tonight, i will take some pictures once that is done.
Plan on playing in 2 days time on thursday.

This will be my first game. So we shall see how it goes. Basically unsure of tactics and set up.

I plan to deploy heavy on one corner with the 2 squads there. the conscripts and HQ placed in front of that. the Sentinals advance up the other side.

The fireing squads are to be in cover but have LOS, the conscripts try to use cover to advance forward and engage something shooting what they can. the hq follows to the side of the conscripts hoping to use the flamers but ensuring they do not get shot by being farther away from people than the conscripts to force leader ship tests and using cover, they need to stay near the conscripts however.
the sentinalls hit what they can going for side armor of if possible assaulting into gaurd equivalnt units if they are there just to tie em up.(mainly agaist guard a nids).
Fire base sort of shoots what squads they can hoping to wipe one out.

having never played unsure how it will work but thats my plan, hope my squads have enough fire power to do the job and that there lanes of fire are good. Should be fun at anyrate as i should at least take down some of there number.

here is my wip thread

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