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[table] Name | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Ld | Sv
Mick the Mercenary | 4 | 4 | 4 | 3(4) | 2 | 4 | 3 | 9 | 4+
Trusty Steed | - | - | - | +1 | +1 | - | +1 | - | -
(the Trusty Steed is an item that further modifies Mick. See below)
(Cheers for the table by the way - i'll use it in my customs lol)

Special Rules: Independent Character, Stubborn, Combat Tactics (see Codex: SM)
The Ballad: Mick is known far and wide, his repute itself touches the sky! All actions named by Mick's comparderie, are named in rhyme which the player must say. To break this vow, Heresy won't allow - a save to be taken by those who give no cow
Deadly Repute: Regardless of Ballad, of constants there's one: to Mick's employer theres a drink to be had when the game's WON!!!
Mick's Only Aim: Mick's a Mercenary, but he's pretty nice. His very pants are made of spice! The moment Mick is even played, one must make demands if thats ok - the opposing player may offer Mick many things - shiny things - if Mick joins him. Sure, Mick may refuse, but if its really tempting to give in to the cake and etcetera then the opponent gains control. The original person who should have had him will instead get the bid =P

Trademark Item (Cigar, copy of his Ballad), Mick's Trusty Gun, Mick's Pick
May be upgraded to have his Trusty Steed for +25pts - this makes Mick's unit type a Beast. However, his skill is as legendary as his beard - Mick has the Skilled Rider special rule
Mick's Pick: This is a two handed weapon that gives Mick +2 strength. Only the hardiest of the hard can wield it however - Mick gains +1 to his toughness and may not be Instant Killed (this is included in the brackets)
Mick's Trusty Gun: This is a Twin Linked Lasgun. However, it has +2 strength and also Gets Hot - only then does it truly satisfy it each time it causes a BOOM!

How about all repliers also add to my ballad?
He's Mick the Mercenary, but he's really very nice
<Your line here>
(essentially, the idea that my suggestion gives is that the entire battle gives the player a base for the report that must follow. a ballad to end all ballads!)

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