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1. What’s your gaming area like -

*** My gaming area used to be a separate room (Dad's Room) until the In-laws arrived to set up camp. Now my son uses this room, though the gaming still survives here. We have several shelving areas, a stereo, enough terrain for a 4x16 table, and a 4x6 table. It's sometimes tempting to over-crowd the table.
The local gaming store is about a half-hour away. Its an Indy Retailer and has a local gaming club as well as 10 gaming tables (4x8 each), and enough terrain to make them all seem crowded.

2. What sort of board do you like to play on?

*** I don't suppose that I have a favourite board style. I know that Cityfight usually looks very nice, but like the simple 'green' board, it has been overdone in my opinion. I like the look of scrubland styled boards best, I suppose. There is still the opportunity for plenty of varied terrain, and it gives a look that is not too common in my area.

3. What’s your view on themed boards?

*** Themed boards are cool, but I'd not build a board simply for one scenario. Terrain pieces can take care of the job. Playing specific scenarios in a campaign setting is awesome fun, and having dedicated terrain pieces on an appropriate board just increases this awesomeness.

4. If I were designing this board for you, what criteria would it have to fill?

*** Simple, I suppose. Think of it from a gaming perspective. The board should be of a minimum of 4 feet wide, and generally 6 or 8 feet long. The top should be textured to match the terrain concept and painted accordingly. Generally, a small railing around the board is necessary to keep leaning gamers from damaging the edges of the board. At least 25% of the boards area should be represented in terrain. Terrain should be designed to match the board's concept and should blend as seamlessly into the landscape as possible. Terrain should consist of various LoS blocking pieces, including area terrain and impassable terrain, as well as the common hills and difficult terrain. But most of all... the table and terrain set should be easily usable by the players. Models should not find too much difficulty moving through difficult terrain (no matter the play on words), and should not fall from hills because of steep slopes. Also, when placed, the terrain set should not obviously benefit one player over another. This will greatly depend on placement by the players, but assuring that the terrain set is varied can prevent the set from becoming more of a factor in a game than the players armies.
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