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Default The Almanac of Ye Olde Heresy Online

The Almanac of Ye Olde Heresy Online
Or a Guide to the Old World, as compiled by Vaz the Great

Hiya guys, this is just a little thing that after having a chat with squeek, is something that could really kick off some of the Fantasy Sections.

Having read through Lexicanum, and the Fantasy side, I've realised just how little work has gone into that, compared to the 40K Side.

Now, I suppose it might be better for me to put some work into a 40K one, as that's obviously far more popular.

However, one thing that I don't like about it, is the fact that there is so much Grey Area, so it's hard to put down a Factual background to the world, without treading into the grey area which is could it/couldn't it, with the two sides to every story. Or more. (Dark Angels, grrrr...)

Along with Bolter and Chainswords in depth 40K (well, Space Marine) Encyclopedia, and DakkaDakka attempting to make one, along with numerous others, but most are 40K based.

So squeek and I have had a chat, and decided that we should make our own. It needed a Fantasy name - Encyclopedia is far too modern, so Almanac should do.

After deciding on the basics, this is where it comes into your role of this Almanac. We are looking for articles that are TRUTHFUL, with sources, and based off Canon. This means that Black Library books are okay, but Fanfiction is not.

The most obvious ones we are looking for is background on the current races, and each and every thing in it.

If any of you are fans of a book, or series, would you want to read through, make notes of the characters, their actions, their movements, affiliations, associations, and history?

Timelines - I know that almost every single Army has a timeline in. How about Collating all that information into a Timeline for everything?

Campaigns? The Storm of Chaos, and Albion were famous for their assaults from the Forces of Chaos and the hurried defence and alliance of the Forces of Light.

Minor and Little Mentioned characters - this is intended to be a bit of a Resource for Fantasy Story writers and for just general background information. If you find a named character who plays a small part in a novel, or is mentioned in the background, please mention them. Most places you can find them (other than novels) are from the Magic Item descriptions.

Bear in mind that this is only Background, not tactical/game based. If you have an idea for a tactica, maybe you could trysubmitting it to Djinn, with his 'The Heretic'.

Cheers, Vaz (the Great)

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