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Only thing i am worried about is if they do not assult that is 14 points unused...here is hoping. I like this as it adds more dimention to my play and is more intresting than 6 grenade launchers. and effectivly all my squads having the same role. Also here is hoping i can keep the officer alive with a wall of conscripts if they attack the same squad....will also teach me more as with the grenade list i do not need to learn to assult effectivly... So while it will be harder to play i think it will set me up better as i go up in points. also thinking ahead to higher points..i would really like some sephram as they look simply bad arse.
Over all i think i have a competative army for all comers, and that is what i was after as losing all your games by crushing amounts and seeing to hope tactically of reversing your fortunes would be frustrating. Currently i believe each loss would result in valid advice on how to improve and well played could win agaist another army. also i have a lot of fun units. sentanils run around, maybe mellee. conscripts to just through at assult units...i mean how fun is that.."Sure kill em all....thats the idea"..and some shooting.
also to top it off some flaming troops with an officer.
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