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Default PROJECT: Warhammer 40k table

Hello, Iím a UK student doing my A-levels this year, and for my Design & Technology project Iím basing it on my favorite hobby, Warhammer.
Part of the project requires me to have feedback from a 3rd party - a "Client". The client's role in my project is to give feedback, advice and to give the project direction.
So I would be really grateful to get feedback from anything l post on here.

A little about me
I've been playing Warhammer 40k for nearly 8 years, and my main army is Black Templars, totaling around 4000 points. I've also got a Lost and Damned army of about 1500 points.

Iíve been collecting Black Templars since I started, slowly adding new units, since the release of the Black Templarsí own codex Iíve been paying them a lot more attention.

My Lost and Damned army started off as a conversion idea really. I was thinking of making a Chaos-conversion of a Leman Russ, and I had been helping a friend with a basilisk conversion for his Iron Warriors Chaos army, when I decided to check out the Lost and Damned army list in the Eye of Terror codex to see if I could make a fun army out of it. Basically it consists of 2 Leman Russ battle tanks, a basilisk, some traitor imperial guard, and Nurgle/Khorne themed mutants.

About the project
For the project I'm going to be designing and constructing a war-games table for Warhammer 40K. The rest of the specification of which is up for suggestion from you guys.
Regularly I will update this thread with information on my project, so check back and feel free to leave any feedback suggestions or any comments.


Ok guys, to get the ball rolling hereís a few questions:
1. Whatís your gaming area like - where do you usually play? (Kitchen table, floor, a GW store, a gaming room. On a board, on a matt, on a cloth. What size do you prefer? 4x4 6x4, etc Ė tell me, I want to know!)
2. What sort of board do you like to play on? - your favored place. Whatís the sort of place you look forward to having a game Ė what sort of things do you expect? (do you like playing on city, desert, rocky, grassy boards. Perhaps describe your favorite board and what makes it so good?)
3. Whatís your view on themed boards? Ė do you like them, what do you think makes them good/bad ideas. Examples are things themed around a particular scenario, such as a bunker defense board with perhaps a stronghold on a hill with gun emplacements etc. Or a board based on a war of attrition with trenches on either side and a crater covered no-manís land between. (or anything else you want to suggest for that matter).
4. If I were designing this board for you, what criteria would it have to fill? Ė think about things like storage, terrain type, what features you would like too see.

Answer them as fully as you want, or as sparingly as you choose, you donít need to answer them all but the more the better.

Thanks for your help,
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