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Default First 400 pt Combat Patrol

Close order drill

Troop choice 1
Junior Officer Iron Discipline,

Squad 1
1 auto cannon 1 Grenade Launcher
Squad 2
1 Heavy Bolter 1 Grenade Launcher

230 points

Troop choice 2
10 conscrip squad
10 conscrip squad

80 points

Fast attack
Sentinel w/ multi laz
Sentinel w/ multi laz

90 points

Total 400 points

This will be my starting point, i think i have a fairly solid list. I have a decent amount of anti armor shots, a decent amount of anti swarm shots. I also managed to have some conscrips as a bog down unit.
I really like fast attack as i enjoy moving about.
So all adivce is welcome.


Was also debating adding flamers in with the JO instead of grenade launchers...and maybe a plasma in with the auto cannon....but am unsure.

With no high armor tanks i think i have a lot of killing power that is fairly protected and will take a lot to kill. Conscripts are fun and will act as a bog unit maybe taking down a couple of units in the process. For 80 points it's a bargan.

This is my FIRST army and this will be my starting point. I feel it has most elements and will let me learn the game. Tactical advice on set up and movment is also welcome.
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